Sunday, 29 December 2019

New Indonesian Capital Design

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Jakarta, CNN Indonesia--Ministry of Public Works and housing (Stated that President Joko Widodo () officially chose the design for the new capital on Monday, (23/12). The design of Sibarani Sofian with Nagara Rimba Nusa team became the first winner of the design of the newly chosen capital.

The Nagara Rimba Team set aside 291 other designs that also follow the competition. The jury team and President Joko Widodo have assessed a new capital design based on totality and function.

The Minister of PUPR Basuki Hadimuljono said that it is demanding that there be a new city capital differentiator with other countries. Despite winning the competition, he said the design made by Nagara Rimba Nusa will not be 100 percent worn.

The design will be merged with the two and three champions, Infinite City and the Thousand Galur to become the new capital plan.

Basuki revealed that despite not having a detailed location, he indicated that the sharpen of Paser would be the core location of the government.

“No new districts. The capital of the future may be a province, wanting, or the district later from PARLIAMENT, “said Basuki in Jakarta, Monday (23/12).

The location of the future capital will be built on an area of 5,600 hectares (ha). Basuki said in building a new capital city of the government will prioritize the design of ethnic houses with modern functions.

“If the building, we may be traditional but Insha must be modern. Smart House "He explained.
With Smart city and compact city design, it is expected that the new capital will represent the identity of the nation with the advanced technological mindset that is aligned with nature and the world.
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